Please help me? I feel like leaving this place?

I don’t know what changed me but when i look back all i see is happiness. But now when i look in the mirror i see myself depressed , sad and lonely.

Is it because of my last heart break that changed me? I must admit that pain is still burning me deep inside which i can't seem to get rid of. My opinion of relationship totally changed.. I was sick fro weeks.. I stopped talking to guys too.
is it that changed me Or maybe is it because of the lifestyle i am living right now has also changed? What has changed? my parents are still strict and i am still treated like im locked in cage with keys in their hand.
I must say that I have lost all of my friends that i used to get along really well with.
Now that i am in uni all by myself i was expecting changes or more but then even after 3 months i still haven’t even made any friends. I sit by myself in class. I skipped lots of my classes too because i hate getting picked of judged in class so i prefer staying out of it.
i go somewhere else all by myself sitting down and thinking about living a easy life but my parents are expecting more from me but i can't seem to focus. I am not a type of girl who loves studying since young. I never focused and now i am in uni. I still don’t even want to study sorry.

I just can’t find happiness anymore. Since i barely use my social media. This is the reason why i am here in this website talking out my feelings because i just broke down badly
What should i do? any advice for me? Because I feel like im useless and i am not doing anything good in life so i deserve to past away then give a pain in my parents ass. I don’t want to waste their time in me. Feel me? I just want to leave this world sometimes..


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  • You are NEVER useless. Your family loves you. I promise. I was raised with strict parents, and I hated it. Theyre strict only because they want to protect you. I think you need to sit down with theme and tell them how you have been feeling lately.

    As for people in school... YOU DON'T NEED THEM. I mean yeah, friends are cool and all... but at the end of the day school work is more important than being liked in school. Not even joking. You need to focus on YOURSELF. Get your grades up. Do things that make YOU happy.. I got depressed for a while and I found a lot of happiness and expression through forms of art. I draw a lot of my feelings, and I also love music. I don't know what kind of music you like, but "the weeknd" was someone I enjoyed and still enjoy listening to. There's so much passion in his voice. I think if you listen to his lyrics you'd really love him.

    Please just keep going strong and LIVE ONLY for yourself. You are worth so much more. Pay no mind to the bullies and the people who bring you down. They're the real losers in life.


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  • Sign up for tinder or meetup. com Or just start asking average guys out they don't get approached that often. I hear you about losing friends though I lost 3 good friends this year, just get out there go anyway. The thing about depression it doesn't go away on its own you have to take action. Whether that be pills, exercise, sex or therapy. Don't hurt yourself you are loved I am sure

  • M8 I feel you and in a way understand what you are feeling. What I'm about to say might be insulting, inappropriate in such situation or considered evil so take my words seriously at your own risk, OK? ^_^
    You should do whatever you think is right for you be it continue living your life, trying to change something or killing yourself. Do not listen to what others say. If you want to leave this world just do it! Yet you should find some place quiet where you can be alone with your thoughts and think everything through very thoroughly because you don't want to make a mistake now do you? :) Think about what you can do once you, for example, finish university. Maybe you'll save up money and go far away to other country leaving your hearth breaking past behind. And stuff like that. Try to find your own reason why do you want to keep living (be selfish if ya' need). My advice: Try listening to your favourite songs or just music and "space out". This helps me when I get fed up with people and everything else.
    Hope I was of any help to you! :)


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  • I have no advice for you but that's because I feel exactly the same. I'm sorry you're going through this too.