Why do rich people show off about their money?

It isn't like it impresses anyone?


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  • the beta male syndrome I must show off because other wise I can`t feel validated by people

    • surely it is better to show off about a talent or charity work than the big car that you have

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    • @Lady7 Yeah I agree success is a thing which could be shown off but not showing off material possessions

    • ha ha

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  • Because their white.


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  • Some people do get very impressed by it. Ever heard of gold diggers? If you're a rich guy and you find the right girl (s) to impress, you can literally get free sex just because they're so impressed by your wealth. And getting free sex with a hot girl or even several hot girls is for guys about the equivalent of you winning a department store filled with shoes and dresses.

    • Yeah that is the only time when wealth impresses- older guys and younger women but a younger woman would be say jealous of another younger woman being wealthy, so wouldn't work that way

    • But jealousy is in this case also a form of impression. If somebody truly doesn't get impressed by something, they simply don't care. For example myself, I don't care about fancy cars. I generally don't care much about cars. So if a friend came to me and showed me his new Bugatti or Porsche or whatever, I wouldn't get jealous. I would probably just get bored and say "why would you waste money on something like that?" It's just something that doesn't "touch" me in any way. If somebody gets jealous or envious about something, they also tend to be impressed.

  • The nouveau riche do that because they have no class, the wealthy will actually try to hide it.

    • I've noticed that actually

    • Yeah, they compensate for a lack of personality by splashing money around and it attracts the wrong kind of attention.

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