How can I feel more confident and get rid of this low self-esteem problem because of my situation? (Read details)?

So basically the reason why I have low self-esteem is because I have acne and acne scars it really makes me feel worthless at my age and it also makes me feel descusting because acne makes some people think that the person as "bad hygiene" but the fact is I take care of myself everyday but I still get it and it makes me feel worthless around women when I want to talk to them because I know they are looking at my bad skin and they probably get turned off because of it. I can't even hang out with my friends and I feel so self conscious about it and when I'm looking for work I feel like people won't want to hire me because of my skin, so I'm basically afraid of the world I don't even go out anymore and when I do I feel worthless and ashamed of myself I just can't go on living this way anymore.

If there are any kind souls out there can you message me please?😞


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  • Most of the people in my life have or had the same problem, including myself lately. I didn't have bad acne until after this last July and now I feel compelled to bury my face in makeup and it hide as much as I can with the sides of my hair. My boyfriend also has scars from his terrible acne, as does my father, and my mother had bad acne too but treated it before scars could form. My boyfriend's brother is also working on getting rid of his acne and I have a co-worker who has terrible acne too. All but my co-worker have treated their acne with Accutane, which I and my boyfriend's brother are on right now. It's very expensive even with insurance and it has some very negative side effects though, so I'd recommend going to a dermitologist and discussing every other option if you can't afford it or if you don't want to risk the side effects. However, my dad, boyfriend, and mother now have little to no acne because of the treatment, so it seems to be worth it.


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