If George Washington never tricked the black slaves (with the promise of freedom) into fighting for the USA during the revolutionary war, would the?

United states even exist? Washington was short on manpower, and lifted the ban on blacks enlisting in the army with the promise of freedom which was a lie because slaves were sent back to their owners after the war and Washington ignored letters from blacks asking about his promise to them. The Brits had more soliders and more firepower and would have won if Washington would've never made this move, I'm sure America would've LOST. Blacks were 20% of the American population at the time and the British were taking advantage of that unused manpower. The British had they won would of executed the founding fathers and took further precautions to ensure there were no future uprisings.

So do you think that the USA would've still became a country eventually even if they didn't trick slaves into enlisting, lost the war and executed the soliders and founding fathers?


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  • Most of them fought for the other side.


    Washington never promised blanket freedom for all slaves, most of the blacks who enlisted were already free. Slaves could serve as substitutes for their master in some states and these would not be freed unless their master freed them. It's a complicated story. There is no way to know how much difference they made.

    • Yes he did. He had to stop them from fighting for the Brits who were offering freedom in exchange for service. Black soldiers were re-enslaved and sent back to their masters. You forgot to read the whole link or just took out what you wanted to comment on huh? And only a few states accepted black soldiers at first, but after Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment, they had to rethink their racist policies, since 20% of the colonies population was black.

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    • When Washington became president, he ignored any letters from men who fought and were re-enslaved. Even if he was unsuccessful at gaining their freedom, he could've at least tried.

    • I don't see how. If they weren't already ashamed of themselves he'd likely have just made them angry by trying to shame them. The presidency then was a much, much weaker office than it is now. The president had very little authority in the states but only on matters between them. There was no Federal bureaucracy, no FBI, there was barely an administration at all by modern standards.

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  • Yes we would have still became an independent country. We were better suited to fight that war. Look back at history and how the Brits fought. Opened and lined up to be mowed down. The militias were the back bone of the civil war. Their fighting tactics were second to none

    • I don't know about that. Washington had to believe that he would lose otherwise he would've never lifted the ban. And if the British would have won, they would've most likely disarmed everyone, took the patriot militia to prison camps and executed the founding fathers. en.wikipedia.org/.../American_Revolutionary_War

    • Yeah I say you make a valid point , besides I had the war wires crossed. I was a bit hasty in my answer

  • I have no idea. Who the hell knows? Someone will say no and someone will say yes. They don't fucking know.