Is he trying to steal my girlfriend?

i noticed this kid in my math class frequently check out my girlfriend's body. he looks her up and down. i heard her talking about her once at lunch when i was in front of him. he said that he would bang my girlfriend and he laughed! can you believe this kid. I don't know if he knows if she has a boyfriend. but we are kind of having problems with our relationship. i won't get into that but in math we have a project and his friend asked her if she had a group and i said yeah she's with me and they tried to join our group! my girlfriend let them and he had the nerve to check her out in front of me!

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  • Tell your girl, he doesn't respect her and just wants to use her for sex.


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  • No one can steal her. She is owned by no one. If she leaves it is because she wanted to.


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  • You should remind him you are her boyfriend.

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