Do you think social media doesn't show your real life?

im not all that into social media but i do have a few accounts where i post things ones in a while, and i never really thought anything of it until i heard about all these instagram models saying everything on it is fake, its all planned, its not really random moments in their life captured on camera, it takes a billion pictures to get a perfect one, and so on. and that got me thinking, they are actually right. even though im not so into it and i hate taking pictures, when i doo decide to post something, i try to make it seem like i lead a really interesting life and like i always look good. like i will take 30 pictures just to get the perfect one, if the lighting is bad then im not going to take any, if i dont have my makeup on then i'll have to take it at some magical angle (which takes a while to find) that makes me look flawless, and when i take pictures of the things around me, i try to make it seem like im always going somewhere new. like if im just around my neighborhood, i'll take a picture of something that nobody ever notices so then everyone will be like i wonder where thats at?
its kind of pathetic now that i think about it, but does anyone else do this?


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  • Everybody does. That's how the whole social media game works. It's about winning likes or friends or follows like you win points on a computer game. I've felt uncomfortable with it for a while. I try and persuade myself that's harmless fun, but I'm not sure that it is harmless really? Especially when I think about from how I've been feeling lately.

    • yeah, before, i didn't want people to know anyy of my business like i wouldn't even make any accounts just because i didn't want anyone to know what im doing and didn't care to know what everyone's doing either, but now its like all of a sudden i always want to post something. like sometimes i'll literally think of things to post, like i get excited to go somewhere just so that i can take some pictures there and post them. or i'll do my makeup way in advance just so that i can have time to take some pictures. its pretty ridiculous.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. I deleted my Facebook recently for that reason. We don't need to know everything about everyone and everything. In fact it's probably more healthy for us if we don't.. maybe?

      Reading what you said made me think to a blog post by one of my heros that I read way back now. I can't post a link here, annoyingly, I'm not experienced enough for GAG or something.. but this quote sums it up perfectly and quickly anyway:

      ".. the urge to photograph is so overwhelming. The photographic record of the visit has almost destroyed the very notion of actually looking." - Martin Parr

    • yeah! i dont have a facebook either because its just too much drama. i dont care to see everyone's conversations and dont want people stalking me you know, right now all i have is snapchat though i dont want an instagram because i dont want to be obsessing over how many followers i have, and reading comments and whatnot. i just post some things on snapchat and im good.

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  • Not me
    I just take pictures and am like 'decent' xD

  • It shows fragments. That's real.


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