How do you get over a crush?

He said he didn't wanna go out with me because im ugly. Yes, I agree. But why can't he disappear until I get over him.


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  • I'm currently crushing on a straight girl who happens to be my best friend. I even told her, as to get it off my chest and we continued being friends. I'm still not over it.

    It's difficult, but in my experience, just distract yourself, and if you need him to go away, tell him you need some space. Think about other things and one day you'll be over him. "

    It sounds like he's not a very nice person anyway if he called you "ugly." I really doubt you're ugly sweetheart.

    Sending you positive vibes!

    • I've gone through that crushing on your best friend stage. Yeah, she goes out with another boy now and won't say she ever went out with me, which Is fine.

      I am truly ugly so him saying that doesn't hurt me, his best friend came up to me and staring hugging me and kissing my head 😂 when my crush called me ugly.

      But thanks for the positive vibes!

    • You're very welcome!

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  • Find a new crush.

    • They all naaasty.

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    • Goods for you! I hope you get over it soo little miss.

    • Aha thanks

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  • ... and him calling you ugly isn't enough to get you to get over him? Seriously, if someone is THAT big of a prick to me it takes 0 effort for me to kick his ass out of my life, and even less effort to eject him from my heart.

  • just time unfortunately,

  • -ben and jerry thearpy
    -tv thearpy
    -love you
    -do things that make u happy.