Obsession (i need to make this title longer)?

This is going to sound really weird. But I need your help. Over the past weekend, my school went to a Model UN conference. It was a lot of fun, and I was on an Athenian War Council, for the Peloponnesan War.
But there was a guy in my council, and his character's name was Alcibiades. I had a strong attraction with him, which i'm guessing is pheremones, but he is really cute, and intelligent, and he was one of the few people who agreed with me on one of my motions.
He caught my eye a couple times during our sessions and smiled at me, and I think he is really cute, but this is just a case of infatuation since i only met him a couple days ago. He is also quite a bit older than me.
Anyway, the conferences have ended, we go to different schools, in completely different areas, (i found out he goes to a gifted school uwu) i don't even know his real name, which i know is sooooo stupid because i could have just looked at his name tag (yes im still cringing at this), i dont have his number or any of his social medias, and i dont know how i would ever be able to contact him ever again, which i admit is an upsetting thought.
he is older than me and likely won't be going to these conferences ever again because i think he's graduating next year, and i can't stop thinking about him.
What am I supposed to do? How would i be able to find him? If i could stop thinking about him, i would forget about him entirely, but i really dont want to do that.
Im so desperate, im asking for help on Girls Ask Guys as a final resort.
Please help.


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  • Well, maybe you can try to research his school a bit and ask anyone if they know him. Well the first step is to find out his name. Try to ask for a list of the people at conference maybe, or go on fb and type the name of the school, you'll probably see that usually there are groups made by students who go to those schools so ya.
    If none of these work, well I don't know...


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