Does History make you CRY?

I don't know why but I'm PASSIONATE about history right now. I'm reading the lyrics of Hamilton the Musical and it couldn't be better if I was reading high quality doujinshi. It's just as pleasing, but emotional. When it comes to slavery and oppression of marginalized groups you feel like shit, when it starts describing Hamilton and you just start to CRY when you realize that awesome guy was killed by an idiot at 49 & his wife outlived him by half a century & she did a bunch of nice stuff and was smart but couldn't become successful bc she wasn't a dude.

"Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story" omfg

I love this so much

When I read about Civil Rights Movement in 60's I'm like "AW YEAH GET 'EM RIGHTS MAN" it's so perfect when segregation ends. The march to Salma! Rosa Parks! Martin Luther King Jr.! Who happened to be born the same year as Anne Frank but outlived her big time! Malcolm X! And then there's Stonewall. There's those guys who actually went and tried to get a marriage license in 1970. They're probably still alive now. Did you see those wheelchair-bound old ladies getting married? Just think what they've been through!


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