Has anyone volunteered at a hospital or VA clinic?

I am interested in volunteering at either one of the hospitals near my house, or (I would prefer) the VA outpatient clinic nearby. Has anyone done this? What did you do?
i am unsure if they would let me because I am 18. My friend wants to do it with me but she is a year younger, would they let her do it?


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  • I volunteered in the ED at my local hospital for a year. I mostly cleaned rooms and stocked medical supplies and just assisted nurses and techs without whatever they needed my help with. You should be able to volunteer at 18 at a hospital.

  • They probably wouldn't.

    • Thanks, that's what I figured. I looked on the website and it mentioned it would accept anyone but started with like college students, to rn's so I figured it would be a little early to ask.

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