Idea's for conflict, serious topics in a story?

I'm writing a story where a couple, get married to aid her career and his company.

I would really like to include some, serious topics, conflicts. I don't want to have the story or the couple being like the usual stories. Where there really isn't any realistic conflict, or important lessons. Where the couple just bickers, has pointless fights and has sex, repeat.

That's not my goal.

I've already included the topic of the wrong romantization of alcohol, and alcohol abuse. As well as the conflict of realizing that your career isn't something you love anymore, it's not what you want to do. Along with the problem of racism in ballet. (stories main female character is a ballerina.)

I'm serious as to what other, important topics, conflicts you would really like to see brought up in more stories? Something that is rarely ever covered in romance novels, conflicts never talked about, things that are important, happen to real people, real couples.

If it helps, the couple is an interracial couple, 21 and 25 years old.


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  • Perhaps a miscarriage or something of the sort that would test the couples strength through a devestating time? Or maybe the death of a family emmer that leads them to gain a godchild? Or maybe a financial crisis? Or maybe a bad accident that permanently effects your dancer to the point that she may not be able to dance and there fore she struggles and tests them as a couple?

    • I was thinking about the miscarriage, possibly the conflict of adoption or surrogacy as well. Thanks for your great ideas!

    • No prob! Thank you! I am a writer so it's cool to answer questions like this!!

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  • She's a lesbian and he's part of MGTOW.

    • Omg! Haha! That's certainly interesting, and amusing, but I think I'll pass on that idea.

    • I wasn't being serious. If you had taken the idea I'd think lesser of you.

    • I didn't think you were serious. I was also, not being serious, mostly just amused.

  • There is a family figure like a mother struggling with illness. The character has a moral struggle when deciding what holds priority her career or mother. (Missinng a dance to help mom, etc)

    • Thanks! The mother of the ballerina isn't present in the story. But I'm definitely thinking one of the members of the family struggles with an illness... Great idea dear.

    • I'm glad. I write short stories and script scenes :)

  • Can mental health problems come into this?

    • Oh, definitely. One of the characters actually has anxiety disorder, I didn't think to mention that. What exactly were you thinking?

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    • I can think of lame lessons that car crash could teach... ie wear a seatbelt, don't get distracted by mobile phone

    • The car crash isn't really a "lesson" per say. It's the moment when the "I'm in love with her/him." happens. Life almost taken away from her, leads to realization of what matters.

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