People at work talk behind my back about me being weird?

I've heard a couple co workers call me weird behind my back, i don't really talk to anyone unless i have to but how does that make me weird? I like to go to work and work, i don't see it as a social place to make friends, so i've never had an actual conversation with any of my co workers unless it's work related. One of my guy co workers asked me out but i kindly declined, the next day he was talking to my other co workers behind my back saying "Shes so weird, i think she's mute" and a couple other offending things. I am in no way an antisocial person i just don't really talk to them because it's work and i'm WORKING so why would i talk to them? It's really bothering me and i'm considering quiting and finding another job? I just have a job to have some spending money, so should i find another job or just continue to take there shit? (i don't like drama and i don't generally confront people). Any advice or have any of you been in this situation?


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  • If everyone else are social and you aren't then you are a bit weird to them because you aren't making any effort to speak to them. You're just a stranger in the work environment. Just try being a bit more social and the rumors should cease. It may be a job but that doesn't mean you should act like a complete stranger.

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