Do girls get upset if an ex boyfriend doesn't have feelings for her anymore (If she still cares about him)? Do girls need to have the upper hand?

It seems as if girls need to have the upper hand. My ex has been texting me after months of no contact and.. well.. I don't know why. She has a boyfriend and she's the one who dumped me.

She texted me first for two straight days and I haven't heard from her in a day because I didn't respond to her last text.

I haven't given her any sign that I still care for her.

Our last conversation was:
- She asked me why I unfriended her on facebook
- I told her I did that a looong time ago
- She asked "why"
- I said "It was just something I had to do" - (I was trying to move on)
- Her response was "Whatever you say." - (When she ends sentences with periods, I know she's mad.. maybe because I didn't admit about still liking her/ moving on/ etc)

Maybe the fact that she has NO idea how I feel about her has caused her to wonder and think about me. I cannot understand the female mind.

(Yes, I know I shouldn't worry about this. I know I'm trying to move on. I just want to understand Why. Why is she doing this.)

Anyway, do girls get upset if an ex boyfriend doesn't have feelings for her anymore if she still cares for him? Do girls need to have the upper hand?


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  • She was used to know you liked her and both girls and guys like having attention. The minute she notices you didn't care anymore, she tried to get that attention back, not precisely because she wants you back because she has a boyfriend but because of the fact that we like knowing someone is after us. It is completely stupid but guys do it too. About your last question yes It hurts to know someone is over you when you still care but no we don't need to have the upper hand, it just feels worse. It's the same when a guy gets dumped it feels worse than if he had done it


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