What is the best computer parts to get?

So I'm getting a new gaming computer and I don't know as much about computers as I should. I want to know what parts everyone thinks I should get. My favorites so far are AMD and NVIDIA.


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  • Well if you want an actually good gaming rig for 2015 and 2016 coming you are gonna have to spend a bit:

    One of the best CPU's ATM: Intel i7
    Some ASRock Motherboard
    At least 1tera HDD
    At least16gigs of ram
    And as for a Video card i'd go with a Nvidia Titan or a GTX 980
    You'll need water cooling
    i can't tell you much about a sound card, never really cared about mine that much

    It can be a hassle building a PC when you have no idea what you are doing my advice would be ask some of your friends who know whats going on or go Alienware it is a little costly but they have somewhat decent gaming rigs.


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  • NVIDIA is imho far better than AMD. But like that other guy said, go Alienware. Or if you're lazy like me get a PS4.

  • Just get the Alienware Alpha Console