Should I lie to my parents?

I was invited to a party next Saturday. Some people from my school are going to be there, and I'll get to know a lot of new people. I am 16 and so are my friends. The problem is that there will have alcoholic drinks, and I do not know the owner of the house. And even though I won't drink, I'd have to lie to my parents about the party so they wouldn't find out that there will be alcohol. They'd never let me go because they love me and they may be overprotective. And I don't wanna lie to them. At the same time, my friends wants me to go. I kinda want too, but it's not something I'm dying for. What would you do? Am I loosing my teenage years by not going to parties like this?


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  • Here is what happens at those parties. A nosy neighbor knows no adult is in the house and sees kids entering and too many cars parked on the street. . . . calls cops. Cops bang on the door claiming someone made a 911 call from the house phone. Cops enter the house and take names and hit everyone with a juvenile drinking ticket.

    No, don't go. Cops are a$$howls. The alcohol will only make you do dumb things, barf on a friend and wake up with a splitting headache. It won't end well.


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  • Personally I don have my problem since I'm allowed to drink as long as I'm responsible... I wouldn't lie to them just try to explain the situation

  • Simply don't even mention the alchohol, then you didn't lie