Does rushing into a relationship ALWAYS backfire in the end?


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  • Anytime you use the word ALWAYS the answer will normally be no. Rushing into a relationship however does raise your odds of missing out on a chance to learn information that would have warned one of you that the relationship won't work.


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  • Yes because you don't know if you truly like him or just the idea of him

    • Why me? I am sure other girls have answered questions!

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  • I would say odds are that is more likely to fail. @RansomDraven got lucky but that doesn't mean the decision they made was smart, in the slightest.

    My last relationship was for 2 years. We rushed into the relationship and I was happy to finally have a guy who wanted to be my boyfriend (I'm plagued with casual girl-itis) and so I ignored all the red flags I saw at the start of the relationship. Just over-looked them, didn't seem like worth breaking up over but they were stuff that were little "ehhh's..." but decided not to focus on them.
    2 years later all those things that I spotted at the start and buried, all became things I hated, became big problems in our relationship and led me to have to break up with him. And now I'm left with the memory that I wasted 2 years of my life.
    On the otherhand casual girl-itis has come back so I suppose it's nice to know /someone/ wanted me as a girlfriend haha

    • Wow chick..."RansomDraven got lucky but that doesn't mean the decision they made was smart in the slightest"... I'm sorry, forgive me, who are you? Who are you to say if the decision to marry between me and my husband was "smart" or not? Were you riding on my shoulder the entire time, durimg every encounter, taking notes amd making sure that we hit all of the appropriate marriage ready check boxes? Please don't let my name roll off of your ignorant message to someone just because you read 3 sentences of MY opinion about MY life and put it into your opinion, while insinuating that we didn't think it through... or pulled off some shotgun wedding... or whatever else it is that you think. Unlike you, I don't pretend to know what other people think or dont. Please think next time before you write something so condescending.

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    • You're fine, and I know everyone says it, and you're probably saying "please shut up" at this point, but when the time is right it will happen.

    • @RansomDraven haha yeah I have faith in gods plan and I don't want to complain because obviously everything happens in His plan and I would never want to go against it!
      And seriously I don't even know why I said it was wrong what happened, it sounds like you two were destined for each other and I really do believe in destiny so, I'm sorry. Don't know what came over me, I think because my point was to say you shouldn't rush into a relationship because mine was terrible, and seeing yours go right probably made me a bit jealous, sorry!!! (I've realised that now, I feel like a dick)

  • No. My husband told me on date one that he didn't want to see anyone else but me. I thought he was joking. Less than a year we got engaged and married about 6 months later. That was 6 years ago.

  • In my relationships, yes it has backfired everutime I've rushed into it. So my current boyfriend and I waited 10 months to make it official and 10 months to have sex. So far we have been together nearly five years.