If Ben Carson wrote a book about the constitution why does he not know who wrote it?

Did Carson actually write this book if he does not recall who wrote the constitution?

  • He has early onset of Alzheimer's
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  • He lies and obviously did not write the book
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  • Thomas Jefferson secretly was involved in writing the constitution and not the declaration of independence
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  • He's a fucking idiot and hypocrite! Welcome to the new, improved GOP... full of fresh garden variety hate, blatant misogyny, homophobia, racism, bigotry, fear mongering and anti-science...

    • I wish we were friends on here. I always agree with you and you have answered a dozen of my questions at least.

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    • Thanks!

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  • if he wrote a book about it how the hell doesn't he know who wrote the constitution?


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  • constitution.laws.com/who-wrote-the-constitution

    People make mistakes, but yeah Thomas Jefferson wasn't around for the final version of the Constitution. He is however, an individual who was highly influential in it's creation.

    • Yet Carson remains stupid.

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    • @asker No one is perfect, truth is there is a lot of dirt that goes down under any presidency. I don't care if you look at Obama, Clinton, Reagan, or Roosevelt. Some declassified government documents really make you wonder what's truly going on behind the scenes today.

    • I was an FDR fan when I was little then found out he was responsible for the internment camps. I believe it was Eisenhower that started "operation wetback". It was a program to push undocumented immigrants across the border. The number ranges from 250k to one million. Who knows I guess.

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