Do you think volunteering is a stress relief or do you think it's just extra work on top of your day job?

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  • Well for me its stress relief, something i genuinely enjoy doing...

    • What sort of volunteering is it?

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    • So one off things mainly.

    • What do you mean by that exactly?

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  • It is only stress if you make it stress. I volunteer at the Zoo. We have lots of lovely people there and are planning social outings.


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  • Feels like extra work.

    Actually makes people happier.

    • Why?

    • Well, studies don't tell you why. They just say that volunteering is highly correlated with happiness, and it doesn't just seem to be that happy people volunteer, rather it's that taking random people and having them do volunteer work seems to make them happier.

      It probably does a few things. One it provides perspective on their own problems, and makes them appreciate what they have more. Second, it gives them a positive sense of self-worth that they made a good impact and they get to feel like a good person.

    • It's strange because increased work seems to stress people out. As in paid work.