For true followers of Islam. For cheating on a husband do you believe in stoning a woman to death?

I just saw a video that I found difficult to watch. The woman was put in a hole in the ground and the men threw stones on her till she died. She apparently cheated on her husband. For Muslims do you endorse this practice?


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  • My man! Liveleak or bestgore?

    • This happened in the past, OH NO NO, this isn't a problem anymore in the muslim community, never! lmao

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    • loooooool! :D

    • I know I know I lied about my age. I'm really 124 :P

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  • In Islam, if someone ( a woman or a man) cheated on their partner (inside marriage of course) then they have committed a major sin and their punishment is to be stoned to death. Keep in mind that by "cheated", I mean they have committed a fully sexual relationship with someone else, and for the punishment to be done, we have to consider 2 things:

    1. It must be proven that they did that by: A. 4 eyewitnesses, and not just anyone, the eyewitnesses must be known for their righteousness and honesty. Or B. If the person admitted that.

    2. In order for this punishment (or any other punishment in the Islamic Sharia) to be done, there must be a real Islamic ruling, because these punishments are only done by the orders of the Islamic khalifa ( the president of a state with a real Islamic ruling system you might say), it's not like someone will just say "oh I cheated on my partner" and then everybody will try to kill them, no it's not like that at all, the Islamic ruler is the one who will decide... In other words, these punishments can not be done nowadays, because quite honestly, we don't have any country in the world that has these requirements and rules fully by sharia law. ( even Saudi Arabia ).

    Now if the punishment was done, then the person will be forgiven in the day of judgement, because they got punished in this life, they will not get punished again in the hereafter. That's why at the time of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), two people had admitted their sin and asked to be punished so they can be forgiven. They made Tawba (repentance).

    Also please take into consideration that if the person was somehow forced to cheat then they is no punishment for that, or it they didn't know that cheating is considered a major sin in Islam then there's no punishment for that either.

    Now after you read this, I know what is gonna be in your mind, you are gonna be like "oh how brutal is this! How can a religion that is said to be peaceful has such punishment?" Well, quite honestly, if you think about it, this punishment is scary indeed, but it's there for us as a reminder to fear Allh and to stay away for Haram. While you may consider stoning as a bad and brutal thing, cheating isn't that good either.

    Luckily, this punishment is rare since a Muslim is supposed to have an internal barrier that keeps him/her away from this.

    • Yes I do find it horrific and barbaric and it apparently is happening more than you think. There are numerous videos and somehow they always seem to be women.

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    • The hitting on the face thing was just a metaphorical speaking, because you were talking about forgiveness and how dignity is full of ego in your perspective.

    • Well then I stick my original statement lol

  • If the woman cheated this happens if a man cheated then this happens to him. this used to happen in the past coz there was no suck thing ad a prison and there wasn't something called a country it was only villages so they needed sharia which means law in Arabic so it was acceptable in the past and not acceptable now coz we have law the civil law. butttt let's say we want to do that? Should we? The answer would be yes but then u have to close the prisons read more about it in a hook called : introduction to criminology

    • This JUST happened actually and you believe this practice should be done? and what does closing a prison have to do with stoning people to death for matrimonial mistakes/indiscretions?

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    • I am not angry dude 😂
      U still didn't understand me ugh Arabic is easier
      Okie let's take ur example about babies okie
      Let's say that it is a tradition in every country to rape babies okie it is wrong even if I did for sure but if someone did at this society it is acceptable by the society for sure okie

      Now let's go to the point of the punishment in Islam if the society don't agree on this punishment he shall find a punishment that suits his country and his society
      Okie let's say the society found a new punishment besides the stoning then according to sharing this new law which isn't written in sharia is now THE SHARIA IT SELF sobthis stoning it suited the old ages WHYYYY? Coz there was no such thing called as prison or country or law and all the countries during the old arab ages used to do this not just us
      So it was acceptable back then but not acceptable at all now

    • I just don't see you talking of morality. You know what the biggest problem with society is? Other humans not protecting other humans. Do you get that?

  • Iran just stoned a woman to death the other day on Human Right's Day of all days.

    • Well isn't that "lovely".

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    • Real clever, dude.