Which woman is hotter and WHY?

Who is HOTTER and why? RATE each and explain why your preference and why not the other.

Girl A
+ friendly, wears tight fitting tops, great breasts, very touchy, knows what she wants
- attention seeking, manipulative (stops you meeting hot girls including Girl B), teasy, dominating, only friendly with people who make her the center of attention, very touchy and interupts you with other girls, possibly has a boyfriend too, slutty

Which woman is hotter and WHY?

Girl B
+ really really nice, very outgoing and friendly, athletic figure with great legs, different interests, hot
- mysterious, tends to stick to a small social group, party like, doesn't make much contact with those outside the course (hence A can block people meeting her)

Girl A sucks her finger and looks at you with a very dirty look like the picture on the right.

Girl B has a great smile and long legs.
Why is A jealous of B and stopping guys meeting B?

What is A suggesting when sucking her finger and looking at you?

If B was eating a banana could you compliment her on it... as in how well she sucks?


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    • Of course she is! Daaaamn.

      But if you have to choose between these two?

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    • @zagor Lol. Dry spells end, don't worry.

      So rate each and why that rating?

    • Since you insist - your pic, B, A. But not with much difference. And I don't do the 1-10 thing. And disclaimer, that may be due to traumatic experiences with blondes.

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  • This is stalker level creepy.

  • B is hotter outwardly, but they both don't have very good personalities. I chose B because I prefer brunettes. But, she's also the one with the least bad personality.

    • That's interesting! So why is B hotter outwardly?

      And explain personalities for both?

    • Thoughts?

  • Now if we should them their pictures are being used?
    You know that their profiles come up when you reverse image search the pictures, right?

  • Second girl. I don't like any tho.

    • Ok so if you had to, had to rate each?

      And why the 2nd girl and not the 1st?

    • First - 4/5
      Second - 6/7

      The second one is just better looking

    • Yeah second one right?

      Ok so why those ratings, was it there personality or looks?

      And why would A stop people (guys) meeting B?

  • B is the obvious choice. I don't want someone who's manipulative, I don't want a dominant girl, I'd rather be dom with a girl, I don't want someone who's not loyal, and B is or groups as far as pictures go!

    • Nice. So rate each and why B and not A?

      Why is A stopping people meeting B?

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    • Ugh you're annoying me with these questions. How should I know?

    • Nah I meant I don't know what it is. Is she posing with that red thing?

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  • I would say girl A bc
    Shez holding a candle,
    When we light candle,
    It gives heat 🔥
    And heat is hot.

    Shez the hottest... ;-)

    • What? So girl A? So why A? Pls clarify?

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    • how do you find a girl hot... By her looks, by her hot talks, hot in bed, or by her hot dressing sense, or by her hot body movement postures, or by her naughty eye blinks, or by her hot body figure, or if she has big boobs n booty, or by her behavior, aur by her eyes... Say it

    • So to be clear you think blonde is hotter? Why so? And how would you rate her and how rate B?

      Why is A stopping guys meeting B?

      A definitely has a naughty stare and hot boobs. What did you mean the candle?

  • These scales ain't even close to balanced.

    • Lol, how do you mean? So what do you reckon?

  • This is a weird post..

  • Baller starts with a B, B is a baller, so B

    • So why B, rate both, and why not A?

  • B I love brunetes

    • Lol nice! Ok so:
      1. Rate each
      2. Why each rating
      3. Why not A?
      4. Why would A try to hide B's existence or stop guys meeting her?