I think I am too obsessed with a male celeb?

I am a very straight man, i have actually dated and even slept with a girl and yes, she would tell you how straight i am ;), yet there is this one male celeb i just can't get over him, he is so smart, so good looking, talented, fitness motivation etc, it was okay because we are all inspired by someone for a while but its become unhealthy now, what do i do?


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  • Everyone has a there celeb crush from the opposite sex and the same sex, but what do you mean when you say it's "become unhealthy" ?

    • i google him every damn day, i listen to all his songs on youtube (i mean he is an actor, but in bollywood movies there are always lots of songs ) etc

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    • hell no, i could never be physically attracted to a guy lol, just ewww XD

    • lool yeah but just try not google the man everyday

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  • Who is he? I'm straight too, but some males I can see why girls would be attracted to them. Not obsessed with anyone though. I don't know what you can do other than to find some girl to obsess over?

    • siddharth malhotra (bollywood actor)

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    • i hope u see the problem, i am more obsessed with him than my girlfriend is

    • Yeah but I don't know how to fix it. See a psychologist?

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  • I think every guy has a guy crush of some sort, doesn't mean ur gay or anything, just like girls have girl crushes too!

    • its not about gay at all lol, its an unhealthy obsession

  • Many people have same-sex crushes. When you say, "it's become unhealthy", what do you mean? Like, you constantly search him on Google, follow him on social media, talk about him, etc?

    Or, are you sexually aroused by this male celeb?

    • google him, astounded by him, want to be like him, he is my fitness goal, he is my style goal, if someone says he is an ass, i say stuff back in support of him, i wish we were brothers etc

    • Then, I think your "obsession" is fairly normal. As long as he is doing something positive or contributing something positive, then I don't think it's unhealthy.

      However, if it is becoming a concern for you, try channeling that into something else. If he's your fitness goal, (I don't know how much/often you spend time in the gym), spend more time to focus on your physique. Or, I don't know if you're looking to date right now, but maybe try going out and meeting/dating women. Basically, if it has become an unhealthy obsession for you, try occupying your time with things so that you have less opportunity to "obsess" over the male celeb. Hope this helps.

    • yeah, its really helped in a way, it was back in 2012 i first noticed him (he was new in acting) and i was an obese kid back then, i lost a lot of weight because he inspired me then and girls and all started to notice me a bit and even now everyday i am improving and so is my physique (though its still shit lol). But now i have come to a point where i google him every 2-3 hours and watch his interviews

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