Dad hates leaving me home alone, Im 19 why?

My dad seems to have the worst time with leaving me alone with the house. He will literally force me to spend the whole time he's gone at my sisters place and that is so annoying cuz im forced to babysit her bad ass kids. he's making me spend the night over there and I dont want to like damn, I really REALLY dont want to. I know the only reason is because I gotta watch the kids. My dad thinks im gonna like tear the house up like a little child or let someone break in -_-. I was moved out already before.. I feel like he thinks im stupid or something. How do I get out of sleeping over at her house should I say I have a job interview or something? I really dont want to go, please help me.


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  • Be honest, talk to him. It's the only way to show him you'r'e an adult, which you are. Tell him you'd very much like to sit down and talk about something when he has time. Then, when you sit down to talk to him.

    Tell him that, you understand his fears of leaving you home alone. But, that it would make you happy if he could trust you. Promise him that you won't mess up the house, (even throw in that you'll clean a room or something) and ask him if he could give you just one night alone, so you can show him that you can handle it.

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