Have you ever attempted to steal something but put it back?

Be honest.. have you ever? you can go anon... i am.. lol.

Once my neighbor and i were building a project for my school and he was kind enough to help me and i tried to steal from him... i was dumb

He had a coin worth 5 bucks and i was like holy... crap.. thats so cool.

i was leaving on my way out.. and i saw it.. i picked it up, i looked around, and put it in my pocket.

Right before i left he came running and said "you forgot your project thing, and if you ever need help again don't be afraid to ask ok?"

he was so nice, i said ok and took it from him and he ran back up his stairs i took the coin out and put it back i literally felt like crap.. how nice he was and i tried to steal from him..

took the time out of his day to help me..


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  • I was gonna steal once but then I remembered I have money.