How to keep positive about not making the rep basketball team?

So I have been playing basketball for one year. I decided to trial for the rep squad. In the trials I gave 100% in everything I did. I made mistakes but learnt from them pretty quickly. I am more of a pass first and defensive player. It looks as though they were only looking for scorers. About 25 of the 30 selected had already played rep in the past. What can I do to keep my head up and be ready for next year? I am not making any excuses. I wasn't picked because I simply wasn't good enough or I wasn't the type of player they were after. Thank you

By the way I am 14 years old and I'm 170cm tall (5"7)


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  • What I did was increase the amount of jumpers in practice. I'll shoot 500 jumpers, run in between chairs, and exercise. I even dribble in between chairs in mud. This made me a better handle do to all the slipping while focusing on dribbling the ball.

  • Look at all your faults and find ways to address them for next year.