Do you mind moles?

I have a mole next to my belly button that makes me really self concious and I was wondering if people care?

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    Many people probably would make an issue of it. But not everyone. I've never known a girl with a mole people could see. I dunno. I suppose if people are shallow enough to make constant comments about it or be ridiculous about it, then that's their loss.


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  • The dermatologist can get rid of it for you with a little scarring. If you ever get one on the face, do NOT see a dermatologist; a plastic surgeon is someone you should consult with since scarring on the face is not something you want.

  • I think a freckle or small mole near the belly button can be really attractive, it adds to the uniqueness of your belly button and can be a really cute detail.

  • No it isn't a big deal.
    Moles just add character ^_^


What Girls Said 1

  • i think moles can be cute. i prefer them small though. i have a few around my lip and i think they look great :P

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