Should I move her in?

Ok so for the next two weeks I will be taking care of a young lady. I live in an apt just me and my daughter. Anyways this girl is 26 years old but oh my god this girl has been through so much hell in life, when I heard her story I sobbed!!! She was pimped out by her ex husband and he beat her so badly and knocked her teeth out. All she knows is prostitution and being used by men. Right now she's 8 months pregnant, has a history of drug abuse but has been clean for a year. She has psychosis, which I do too except I'm medicated. Her father died and her mother wants nothing to do with her, she has no other family. She's scared for her and her baby's life and she's been talking to my mom my mom and I agreed to let me take care of her until she gets on her feet. But I'm so scared of what she's going to go through during post partum. I didn't have nearly as rough of a life like he had and my post partum depression was bad!!! I've seen pictures of this girl and my heart broke you can tell she's lost, sad and heartbroken you can see it in her eyes. I understand her because we have a lot in common and she's excited about her stay here. But I was thinking maybe I should move her in here with me to take care of her even after she has the baby. Her previous baby died. And her first baby was taken by her scum bag ex husband. I want to save her and her baby and she wants the help! I'm also going to get her in to see my psychiatrist immediately. Should I move her in with me?

  • Yes move her in don't let her face post partum alone
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She needs extra tlc ANd I don't want to leave her alone while going through post partum depression because I know her mind is a ticking time bomb


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  • Wait. What? Are you not 27 as your profile states or are you on your daughter's account and does she know?

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    • My daughter is a year old lol

    • Just surprised your calling her a young lady when she's only a year younger than you. Not sure what to do. You may want to get some legal advice on the matter if for any reason it gets ugly so you know what your options are based upon where you live.

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  • Help her out! move her in for a couple of months till she gives birth and is able to get up and get a job and support herself.

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