I barely slept last night, but have so much things to do, can't decided if I should stay or leave to go sleep?

so i was planning to be super effetive and read the rest of the things i need to read today for the test tomowrrow.. but yesteday i was really tired, so my plan was to go to bed very early (9PM) and then wake up aound 3-4 AM, but i didn't fall a sleep for closer to 1 AM or something and i woke up 4 AM so i only got three hours a sleep. so i took my time to eat and drink coffee so that i would wake up so that i could read before i had to leave at 8 AM, but the whole times i was really tired.

I still am very tired.. so im strong considering going back home.. but at the same time i just arrived at the library..

so i can't decided if i should just stay and try to wake up more or just go home and sleep.. im afriad that if i do go home i won't be able to consentrate or do anytging.. but at the same time its no point staying at library just to do so if im too tired to do anything


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