How many of you still have to work on Thanksgiving Day?

Though I'm in my homecountry working for an American company that supposedly ''respects'' American Holidays, I still have to work on Thursday (only by 2 hours less but still till 6pm).

Now I'll still have limited time to study for this week's exams.

Nevermind, not working today nor tomorrow. The supervisor had to call the day off because none of us were getting calls for almost an hour.


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  • my sister does. she's a young women working a shit job so its expected.


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  • I feel you! I work Thanksgiving too... of course I work at a hospital... stupid never stops = )

    • Actually, the supervisor had to call the day off for both today and tomorrow after realizing none of us were going to received calls and that many American comps are closed. Now I'll have more time to study

    • Thats awesome! I got put on call today as well so I get to enjoy family! Good luck with your studies!

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  • Well I don't really have a job, just a work study. So I don't.
    I have had to Before though, at the FUCKING GROCERY STORE, along with the day before, and as you can probably imagine it is fucked up how many people wait that long to buy stuff.


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