Girls, any advice on how to handle a heartbreaking break up that just happened to me?

My boyfriend just dumped me and I'm hurting like hell.

My boyfriend just dumped me and I'm hurting like hell. I was so in love with him and it hurts like hell right now. I don't know what to do. Help me please.


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  • I'm so sorry! It will hurt for a while... but not forever. You have to take care of yourself: cry if you need to, reach out to the friends who really care about you, be sure to eat healthy (even if you don't want to), pray/meditate, get counseling or therapy if you need to. You will be OKAY!


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  • I know this feeling. I got dumped a month ago. It still hurts.
    Don't hold on to false hope, you're going to hope he comes back, but try not to, just go cold turkey. I don't have much advice because it always hurts and it's better to just feel the pain and not ignore or bottle it up. Just give yourself time, cry if you need to, and if people aren't being good friends to you then spend less time with them until you feel better. My friends barely even asked me if I was okay, so I avoided them until I felt like I could handle it. Don't isolate yourself though.

    Honestly though, just feel the pain. It's the best way. Don't contact him, you don't need to delete all his messages or pictures, but try not to look at them much, and delete them when you're ready.
    I like writing so writing letters to him (that I will never send) helped me, because I was thinking about him and "talking to him" without actually talking to him.
    Try not go go drinking or sleeping around, it will just prolong the process.