Which do you think is worse in and of itself, religious fundamentalism or religious nationalism?

Religous Fundementalism is where you impose a law code based on a religious text and with religous nationalism you may have a secular law code but you forcefully exclude religous minorities. I think religous nationalism is worse.

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  • As someone who hates ted cruz with the fury of a thousand suns, I have to say Fundemntalism.
    Nationalism is fucked up to, however the U. k is kinda doing okay. (I'm talking about how someone in the line of sucession is disqualified if they are catholic and they had an opportunity to amend that in 2012 with the other sucession amendments but they fucking kept it.)
    My mother had me baptized catholic (Italian not Irish my irish ancestors are orange actually) so for some reason it makes me irrationally angry even though I'm an American and it shouldn't. I haven't been to church in years though. I only found any sort of spiritual comfort after turning away from organized religion.


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  • Religious nationalism. If you socially exclude people because of your religion that does not at all fair. People should show love, not pretentiousness.
    Religous Fundementalism can be good and bad. For example, the good Samaritan law. The good Samaritan law is based of a story in the bible. Also, if many of the teaching of Jesus like giving to the widowed and poor and orphans was made a law, poverty wouldn't exist as much as it does now. But on the the other end this can be bad. Many books endorse murdering people who don't convert. A rules that discriminated against women. In Iran a woman driving a car is considered a terrorist act and is unlawful. So it's a mixed bag.

  • People will always naturally be more inflexible when it comes to their religion.

  • They are both very bad, but religious nationalism is a bit worse.


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