Am I just a banana/potato?

Is that the reason no one will date me.
I often play video games, I'm quite competitive, secretive, talks to guys more than girls, I'm attractive, lazy, I'm sporty (football/soccer, netball and volleyball), youtube trash, Phan trash, accepts everone, a bit crazy, naughty quite a lot hehe and smart but everyone, well I think everyone, thinks I'm either a potato or banana. Why?


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  • WOW!! Listen to me don't do it! Don't look for love at such a young age!! DON'T DO IT! I wish someone told me this but... obessing over love is bad for you... I went through crappy shit and guys using me at your age... It hurt me soo fuckin much I started hating guys... I know U see all your friends and you watch other people but honey its not worth it... I could have avoid so much pain if only invested my time in a good hooby or a passion...

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    • Thank you, finally someone can get it through my brain. I'm so sorry about what happened, I wish someone would of told you. Thank you soo much and I hope the best for you

    • yeah if you need any advice !!! I mean anything! even if your embarssed you tell me... PM me!! I really do care!!! Please just love yourself and when i mean love yourself do things that will make you so happy that a boy won't take your mind... I feel like your just lonely and need some friends... So PM... anytime anywhere I probably going to be here! hahah So... ask me anything... you think like me... when i was your age...

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