Why do I have a accent?

When I was in first grade to third I took Spanish class I was very quiet at home always but at school in Spanish (especially) I talked a lot and some how I learned so quick that I started translating and became but didn't know how I did it. So why I have Spanish accent? I want to get rid of it my boyfriends step dad keeps calling me french or says French jokes and says I sound french but recording myself I know I don't sound French... I'm sick of redundant questions and him thinking I'm faking it how can I get rid of it?


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  • It's because you used Spanish more. If your boyfriends step-dad is making you uncomfortable, you should talk to your boyfriend about it and have him stop. An accent is nothing to be ashamed of.

    • I told him and he says he is just playing but when we go over there everyday since they are building a room together and I talk he has a joke about the French my accent sounds nothing like French and I told my boyfriend its getting annoying. But he just keeps telling me he is joking and I know that

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  • Head trauma has been known to change accents.


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