How do I know of I'm dyslexic?

Sometimes I get letters and sometimes numbers mixed up like p q and 9 all look the same to me and it's hard for me to read the time on my phone without taking a moment to make sure every number is correct before I say it or I end up sayin it backwards or compleatly wrong. And when I was little we had to do this text where you read one word at a time and it was really hard for me to read individual words and it kinda still is. Like if it's in a sentence it'll make sense but if it's just by its self it talked me longer to read it. And I'm like the only one who still struggles with my left and right like it takes me a while to memorize it every time when I have to use it but I think my main problem is reading. I HATE reading in front of people but I love reading. But if I know I'm gonna read for people I'll make sure to read whatever I have to three or more times before I read it even if it's just a sentence. Also sometimes I can look at words but it's hard to say them like I'll look at it and know what it says but say if compleatly wrong or ill get stuck on simple words and it's really embarassing


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  • Your spelling look fine.. Dont see any errors

    • That's mainly cause of auto correct 😂

    • Ya, if letters and number get mixed up then u could be dyslexic.. It happened a little to me when i was a kid.. But not enough to be dyslyxic.. They have a way to help it nowadays

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