Guys, what would you say to the girl who is?

We are always saying things about the people we love, the happiness/heartbreak they give us but what are the people we left behind...

-Like the girl friend that had a crush on you but you didn't see her that way..
-Like the girl you knew liked you but never made a move
-Like the girl you used (rebound, fun, etc)
-Like the girl you saw crying for another

There are many girls around you that are going through they own heartbreaks whether it was you or someone else but you never got a chance what you truly felt like saying. What would you say? We always hear about what the other person did to us. I want to hear what you have done or didn't do to others


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  • I am sorry. I am a fool. But I want you to know I truly cared for you. I was just stupid. I am not asking for your forgiveness and never will. But I hope you see it in your heart someday... sooner or later... that I loved you. I will go now, I'm not worth your time. Goodbye angel.


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