Why are Girls more Intimidated by Girls they think are Attractive vs What their Boyfriend thinks is attractive?

For example, my girlfriend finds tall, skinny with narrow facial featured women enviable.

I have zero attraction to that sort whatsoever. however i have a few girl friends that fit exactly those standards. My girlfriend knows I'm not attracted but gets incredibly jealous and thinks I'm attracted to them.

Then there are the features i prefer. like short, rounded facial features, thicker etc but curvy and my girlfriend has no jealousy around them


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  • It's stupid, I know ahah but jealousy is an irrational fear anyways lol. Actually, I think I can relate to her. If I think they're attractive, chances are that a guy would too. However I'd probably feel jealous at the kind of girls you like too. No big deal, though, I usually hide when I feel jealous xD

    • When girls post pictures of girls they think are attractive, i never almost always find them attractive. The ideals girls find for girls seem completely different than what me and most guys like

    • You're probably right about that, we have different ideias about what's attractive, not sure why that happens, though.

  • not sure, but for me it's what i consider attractive


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