Y do women who r below average unattractive seem friendlier more social than women that are attractive with the slightest bit of looks?

Is it that the more attractive women think that every guy wants them? I say this because everytime it seems if I don't initiate convo with a more attractive woman, we'll never speak at all, but its not like that all the time with a lesser attractive woman. Matter of fact, the only time I can say that a more attractive woman initates convo with me first is like a situation where she has to, like a cashier at a store, or like on a job interview. Itsfunny because its always been said that women are more social than men.

Lol crickets... Silenced the whole GaG with this one.


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  • #generalisation405 im not sure why people tend to think looks are a means of determining what someone is like. don't judge a book by it's cover. you'd seriously be surprised about how wrong u could be.

    • Not really. Its been like that my entire life

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    • Well until I see a woman with at least the slightest bit of looks have to initiate social interaction with the opposite sex I will stick with my beliefs.

    • u do that =]

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