What goal are you working towards right now?

I'm in a really happy state right now and I'd figure I would see how other people are doing in life!

I'll start it off, right now I'm working on:

gaining some weight (I'm seriously SUPER SKINNY)

Working on my bachelor's in Computer Science (I don't know why I did this to myself)

Saving up money for something I haven't even decided on yet

and I am currently single, so I'm letting life throw that at me when it's ready.

What about you?


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  • Training to lose weight and tone up

    Revising my theory test so I can take my driving test and get my car

    Saving for a holiday to show off my new body 😊😊

    Good luck with your goals!


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1) Rebuild some of that high school muscle.
    2) Finish my collection of Suits.
    3) Constant improvement of my Soccer, Futsal and Freestyle skills.
    4) A partner to love.
    5) Learn how to dance (Better)

    One day yea. One day maybe.

    • Yo I'm diggin those passions. Not just monetary or health goals.

      I like it.

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What Girls Said 6

  • toning up more, getting that bod sculpted.

    gonna begin a master's soon.

    trying to build up my own tutoring company. trying.

    as for the love life, whatever happens, happens. time will tell.

  • eh... making goals are what I am working towards!

  • trying to hack the moderator of this site's account so he doesn't delete my questions

  • Lose weight and get down to 100 pounds.
    Get enough money to pay for me new phone screen (since I broke mine)
    Stop self harming
    Get higher than 40% on a science test

  • you're ectomorph woho you'll need to eat shitload of food that means start with 3000 calories a day with at least 150 g of fats and proteins / daily.

    • Yup. Haha, thank you! I know what I need to do, I'm just not good at shoveling food into my mouth. I find it very hard to have an appetite sometimes

  • Finding a freaking internship
    Getting my master's degree soon
    Learning how to swim free style properly
    Losing some weight and getting leaner

    • It's cool seeing stuff like degree's and fitness in here, but I love how you mentioned swimming freestyle.

      Is swimming a passion of yours?

What Guys Said 4

  • Bodybuilding, trying to get a specific body, though it will take years, making good progress though.

    Training to be a classical oil painter.

    Working on my writing, writing poems, I plan on publishing a book in the future.

    Currently studying to become a professional training from the International Sports Science Association, as well as a business owner, I would like to get my degree and be a trainer. As well as open up my own gym or training business eventually but that's way down the road.

    Continuously educating and bettering myself, for myself.

    Still training to perfect my martial arts and skills in fighting, and bladed combat.

    Learning ancient rituals and practices such as the traditional Japanese tea ceremony's and Zen Buddhism Meditation.

    And most importantly living my life according to gods will, and preparing myself for a life on my own and searching for a girl to settle down and start a family with.

    Those are my goals all of them I am working towards.

  • I'm honestly too busy for plans rn

  • Trying to learn to draw - to the point where I can offer commissions to people.

    • Oh dude, I am an artist too! Do you have a portfolio or anything you would like to link to? I would love to see your work

    • nothing online, and nothing worth showing. Are you digital or old school? Got a portfolio yourself?

      and since you bring it up, Know any half decent tutorials on inking and proper shading? specifically for digital works?

  • I need to lose weight but even if I did?
    Women would still find me ugly.

    • Man, if you lose weight and start toning you will notice such a difference, I promise you! At my age, I find that looks don't even matter as much as a good figure does. I am skinny as all hell and it really turns off a lot of girls.

      I promise you man, even if not for the girls, lose weight and start working out for yourself. You will notice a monumental difference

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    • Don't compare yourself to others for looks though man. You might think I look better, but honestly I don't attract girls either. I just have a somewhat strong selfie game, otherwise I've been single for a very long time

    • Oh how long I bet I hold a record lol.