My shoulder hurts like hell? Why?

So this morning I woke up and my right shoulder hurts real bad. I can't seem to even move it a little bit. I imagine this is what a dislocated shoulder would hurt like but it's not dislocated. It's extremely painful to the point that I can't even move my shoulder or arm even 1cm

anyone know why this has happened. Haven't lifted anything heavy nor have I done anything for Me to feel this much pain. I just woke up and it happened. I'm on holiday and I'm at a place where I can't get access to a doctor for a few days


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  • Maybe you slept on your shoulder? Or you were doing something that put effort on your shoulder!!!

    • I'm pretty sure I hagent done anything to put pressure or effort on my shoulder

    • Hmm... then I suggest you see a doctor it could be something serious...

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  • You slept on it a weird way. If it's incredibly painful and you're worried, see a dr. Just rest it, and see if you can slowly move it tomorrow.

    • New day and it felt better in the morning but now it's hurting again

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