What is global capitalism?

I am dying here i am trying to writer a paper and im so confused heeelp


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  • the free market. buinesses trading internationally, meaning you no longer trade within a country, but trade all over the world.

    You shoes are from japan, your jacket from india, the gold in your jewelry from africa, your chocolate from belgia, your car is American, your vodka is russian...

    That is the free market. Well, it is HIGHLY simplified. but should help you start.

    • ya but that is globalization

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    • just happy to help. Keep in mind my explanation is kind of dumbed down, so if you're writing a serious paper on it you will need to dig deeper.

    • do you klnow what lontail is?

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  • It's basically the idea of an American company getting phones made in China, boxes in india, getting them packed in Korea and then selling them to Europe
    Global capitalism basically means that borders don't make a difference and u can use or abuse resources anywhere around the globe that help u maximize your profits

  • I am no economist, but as I understand it, a prime example is Apple using cheap Chinese labour to make expensive phones for the first worlds.

    Any buy/make low, sell high where two or more nations are involved is considered global capitalism.

    Again, I'm very nieve about this, so grain of salt and all that


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