My best friend has a crush on me, but I don't like him back. Help?

He told me that he had a crush on me and if he were to ask me out what would I say. I said "No because I'm not really in the situation to have a boyfriend"

He also asked "in a different time would you?" I said yes. Tbh I can see it happening, but I don't have them sort of feelings for him. Not only because I like someone else (he doesn't know) but because he's more of a friend. And I'm scared I'm gonna lose him.

He's my best and favourite guy friend, I've ever had.


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  • lol the first answer was such a bad one to give. You made it sound like he still had a chance!

    You're gonna have to politely tell him that you only see him as a friend.


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  • Hey don't worry,

    If you don't like him in that way you shouldn't go out with him. Gradually you might grow feelings for him but not yet. If he is your best friend he should be able to understand your decision and respect it (although he will die inside)

    If I were you I'd tell him to move on, for the only reason that he'd keep his hopes up and you said you liked another guy so that's that.

    It might become awkward between you two after (I've experienced the pain) but eventually it SHOULD get back to normal.

    If he doesn't want to be your friend, please do respect the decision also because the pain he'd be going through is also immense. Give him some time to get over it and things might just come back to normal :)

    • I hope he doesn't want to not be my friend anymore just because of this.

      Personally I think that he had the tiniest feelings for me, but he just broke up with his girlfriend (correction: she broke up with him.) so I think he just had the need tp tell me, and him thinking that he really really does like me.

    • Just don't make the wrong decision. Don't feel like it's your duty to like him. Always think about you first, follow your heart. A small part of your brain will tell you the right answer.

      Also remember, if you are ever very emotional (very happy, very sad, very angry) don't make the decision just then. Sleep for a day, freshen your mind and the right answer should pop up in your brain. I can't tell you what to do because let me tell you one thing, you WILL eventually get feelings for him... unless he suddenly turns into a jerk and makes your life hell.

      It's a scientific fact, once you get to know a person likes you, your brain starts noticing likeable qualities in the person.

      Maybe you should consider hinting on the person you like? He might get the drift, but if you want to keep him you have to let him know he's also a special person whom you have feelings for, but just not in that way

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