Girls, would you want to hang out with him?

i met this guy who's really cute but he's a pothead (and i quit smoking a while back so i can't staaand it) and just seems kind of immature. i was kind of mean to him but surpsingly, he for some reason said he likes the way im kind of mean. and thats when i was like hmm maybe he's not so bad. most people dont respond well to my mean side, so i continued talking to him to see where it goes. i felt an exciting vibe which i like, but its only been like a week and he's already starting to irritate me. i made it very clear that i dont like smoking, yet he thinks its funny to send me videos of him smoking and being like hey what you doing? and he sometimes takes foreverrr to respond to my texts, he asks for pictures on snapchat and says he likes when i send him stuff, but then he doesn't respond half the time! just checks them. and he kept saying he wants to hang out so we eventually made some plans but the day before (yesterday) he was just being really annoying, like he wouldn't respond to my texts except for one when i asked if we're going to hang out for sure because i needed to know, and he said yeah and i said ok, and then he didn't reply but he kept posting stupid videos of him smoking on snapchat even though he never replied to the snap i sent him. so i told him i can't hang out because something came up (it really did, someone close to me who actually gives a damn about me wanted to go somewhere together and at first i was like no i got plans. but then i was like wtf this guy isn't even texting me yet he has time to be on snapchat making stupid videos, i rather spend my time with someone else). i think he got kind of butthurt, he posted a bunch of other random stupid stuff on snapchat where he called himself a "real nigga" at one point, and just seemed mad
i told him today that its not just because something came up, i just dont want to be around someone who takes years to respond to my texts and doesn't even apologize for missing my call (i called him ones earlier) and that i'd rather be around someone who actually cares about how im doing and really wants to hang out with me.
what do you all think?


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  • No. He seems volatile

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