I am addicted to heroin again and I feel so bad about my life. help?

i was once addicted to oxycontin for a year. i stopped for a whole year, then started doing heroin a year later. that lasted a few months. then i stopped. that was over 2 years ago and since then every 4-5 months or so i relapse and start doing heroin for a week or two or three then i stop.

in my past i've experienced a lot of pain. i won't get into it but life has not been easy for me.

i wasn't raised to do drugs. i grew up in a good home which only ever put me on track to succeed. my mother and father are both relatively successful financially.

even the junkie girls around the place i buy from ask my why the fuck i'm doing this and start lecturing me and its because its clear to see that this isn't truly me. every time i go there the same olderish woman who's about in her mid 30s says, you fucking idiot go be a model or something you're so handsome you're wasting your time and your life here.

right now i just dont know what to do. i want to stop but i am not ready to face reality because the truth is i am in pain. and everyone has their own way of coping with pain, and this is my way.


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  • Not sure what yoir beliefs are but I have had two very close friends to me pull through a heroin addiction and a meth/cocaine addiction. After many failed rehab attempts they went through a church addictions program and found exactly what they needed. One of them is years sober, and one of them is about 6 months sober. I've attended those meetings with them and the ones we have been to were phenomenal. No one is pushing anything down your throat, everyone is welcoming and supportive and many have been in your shoes. And like I said, not sure your beliefs but whatever pain your feeling can be healed. Good luck with whatever path you take and you can do this. One day at a time.

    • thanks for your concern but i am not religious in that sense. how the FUCK can the church help me fight my drug addiction? through christ? religion is also a drug because it detaches you from reality. the smartest thing for me to do would be to go to a rehab center where they actually have REAL tools on how to fight addiction

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    • @ObviouslyOriginalMe and thanks! I was trying to be the bigger man and stay polite, but you pretty much summed all my thoughts up lol! =)

    • I am in fact involved in religion but not religious. I believe in ALL religions. I believe no one goes to hell for not believing in a specific thing. I believe that being an ass to someone trying to help you is a nice one way ticket to hell. And don't try and turn it around on me asker, I never criticized or crushed you. In fact you've already expressed agreement with the advice I gave you smart ass. nice try.

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  • I've never been addicted.. But I've seen every member of my family go through this.. U have to get a strong desire to quit.. But thats not even enough... U should go somewhere you won't even be able find it.. And it would take all day to get where you know u can get it... please quit it.. I have cut all ties with my family because of these drugs and others, and i hate for you or someone you care about to suffer because of a high

    • im sorry to hear that.. thanks for your concern

    • Its never to late to change.. I have done everything but herion, and i know its hard to be sober... I have done nothing but drink for the last year.. And im working on quiting that.. But its not bad being sober... U just have to find hobbies and stuff to occupy your time... U can do it man

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  • Rehab. Talk to someone, this is a serious issue and I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy the thought of your body lying in a ditch because you overdosed

  • Get help hon, please please please... I'm begging. I've watched people die like this. Don't let yourself be one.

    • i've seen / heard this happening too many times to people around me. it's no way to live

    • Please get help.

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  • You need help.
    Talk to someone, go to a clinic, You need to see someone about this.

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