Have you ever sharted when you weren’t at home but somewhere else?

For xample at a café….

If it happened wot did u do?

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  • It has never happened to me to be honest, I've farted in public hahaha but never sharted. Luckily! It's not something I wanna experience! XD

    • nor in home it's nice... especially when u do sth else... it disturbs yer schedule... ugh...

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    • if it happens in public just go home no matter where u r and wid who...

    • don't even say it, I hope it never happens to me

Most Helpful Guy

  • Oh my god yes I did. There was this time in kindergarten that I still remember. We were outside and we were supposed to dance while going in a circle or something and we were supposed to dance like ducks or whatever. I sharted but thankfully no one knew (at least I think so). So you can imagine how it is to have sharted and then having to crouch-dance.
    I then went inside to try and find a toilet. Lol I had no idea what to do, I had that "I need an adult! I need an adult!" moment but I knew that I didn't want to tell anyone.

    • in ma case it was worse... i had to use ma school toilets since i was in a hurry... nothing worse than usin a school restroom... trust me... :/

    • I get that feel. I tend to avoid using the school restrooms for number 2 too. But rarely there come times when there's no other choice.

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  • Um, No.
    I didn't even know this was a thing.