Do you believe save crystals will exist in the future in real life? Is it possible to invent them?

I have some idea on ma mind…. it’d be nice if they had save crystals irl installed in various locations (isolated locations preferably)…. u could save yer “data” by simply touchin da crystal wid yer hand for some secs….

people simply’ll go back there after a “game over” (aka death) and then they had to choose between “yes” or “no” when “continue” screen appears…. if u choose “yes” then u come back to da last save point…. if u choose no then u actually die and go to heaven or hell…. or reincarnate if in case…

It’d be nice…really…. it’s unfair we’ve got to walk on eggshells…we cannot enjoy our life da way we want….. and if we do we’ll die…. like for xample I’d like to drink a whole damn bottle of wine daily just in order to get wasted and be able to approach any gal I want widout hesitations…. a true feelin of happiness daily….

I’d simply die from alcohol abuse sooner or later though…but who cares? I can always go back to ma last save point…. hehehehehe…..

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  • maybe i am not sure! You got hope!


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