Beard oil. if you haven't tried it yet, you need to. Guys do you like having a beard or do you shave? girls do you like bearded men?

I’ve had beards in the past, but have always shaved them off before they get too out of control. Recently I’ve decided to grow another and keep it styled so bought a beard grooming kit. I'm 3 weeks in and its growing nicely.

Anyway, i stumbled across the wonder that is beard oil (citrus scented) and quite honestly I think this is going to be a new obsession of mine. I even bought a soft bristled babies hair brush to brush it. It’s never felt softer or more luxurious!

I’m totally compensating as I’m bald on top, but i can’t help stroking it and grooming it.

Guys, have you discovered the true happiness a beard brings? Girls do you like a well bearded man?


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  • tell me did you get a little comb with your kit? it's quite handy for keeping it in check, and I've known about beard oil, wax etc for a long time now, I haven't needed to use it though.


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