How to stop the drama at my musical?

Okay. So let me begin by saying that I am the kind of person that does not talk about their crushes. I am shy, and the prospect of my friends laughing and shoving me towards a guy is unbearable. I prefer to keep to myself. In comes the first guy. A singef, actor, sweet, perfect in like every way. I'm automatically attracted to him but my friend likes him so I 'back off'. (By that I mean i wasn't going to do anything about it anyway) Then the other guy was part of this friend group that was having a lot of peoblems. He was dating this girl who is depressed and is facing a lot of problems. It seems that he's drank before and things which I don't find attractive, but he's really sweet and is actually teally good looking. Me and the second guy were teching a musical that guy one is in. So it just so happens that me and the second guy do a lot of moving things together, so we're around each other a lot and we became friends. Today, he and his girlfriend broke up. I admit he is attractive and I've thought about it, but I'm not sure yet if he's really the guy is go for. On top of it his ex is suicidal and i really don't want to get in the middle of that. My friends are in the musical and now all think i have a die hard crush on him, which i don't. I find myself more attracted in the first guy than the second guy, but they keep bugging me about it and i hate it. They don't know i had a crush on the first guy, nor do they know I've thought about the second guy. I have debited it again and again but they won't stop. How do i get this to stop and blow over? If it does end up happening they'll know in their own time. Please help..


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  • It's a musical. You cannot stop the drama.

    • That's really not helpful

    • I used to have the username "Not Helping" in my defense.

    • Haha fair enough

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