Well I would like to know about Fijian culture?

Well I have a Fijian fiance but I barely know anything about his culture. I would love to have someone tell me about the Fijian culture. Also some facts about Fijian men.


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  • pretty well. i went there when i was 14 (the day after my birthday), it was fucking amazing. i had to do a lot of research for it too! i got to stay in a village for a day, we went to a zoo, got to go in the river (the one anaconda was filmed in), stayed in a resort, and countless other things. you're lucky as fucking hell if he ever takes you there. it's arguably the most beautiful place i've ever been too.

    • i misread the question, i thought it was how well i knew it. anyways, just use wikipedia. it'll help me more than i could. also, when i went, they recently settled a coup and cannibalism was finally banned :D

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    • if i find the journal i kept, i'll tell you things that i did and what happened.

    • I'll have to suck it up and ask him. *^*

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  • Im sure hed love to tell you, ask him.


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  • Why not just ask... him?

    • I'm to embarrassed to ask because we've been together for almost 16 months and still know close to nothing.

    • Better to be embarrassed and just be honest than be proud and ignorant when you marry him or worse get some horrible misinformation off the internet. Now that's embarrassing!

    • True Lol XD

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