What was your last dream about? And last nightmare?

Ok so mine (last night) was about my crush and it was so sweet. I can't really go into details though because it's a long dream and cute but embarrassing, considering he has a girlfriend and he would've never liked me back anyway.
Too bad will never happen in reality lol 😂
And the last time I had a nightmare it was of a dissected arm on the ceiling. (It was probably because I had this exam coming up , on the upper limb of a cadaver 😂)


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  • My last dream involved aliens saving me from life on Earth. My last nightmare involved running from a car trying to run me over. I tripped then woke up running right into my headboard and getting a bloody nose.

  • When I was your age, Asker, I used to have dreams that seemed like they were scripted by Tolkien, Lucas, and Steven King on mushrooms. They were epic, I tell you! Now, I just have dreams about writing checks, getting stuck in traffic, correcting papers, or writing another TPR. It doesn't seem fair that I do that stuff all day, then come home to do it again at night.

    Rather than bore you with the last dream, I'll tell you a dream I had when I was about your age, Asker (and I used to keep a dream journal... when they were worth remembering). This dream actually had a musical score! I dreamed I was at Disneyland and I met my soul mate (this was before I was married). I can't remember how she looked other than she had brown hair and dark eyes and she liked Bach. The two of us decided that we'd (somehow) transcended this world and so we should just leave it and explore other things. We climbed inside a B-17 bomber (somehow parked on Main Street in Disneyland) and roared off over Sleeping Beauty Castle. The fireworks destroyed the plane (as we had curiously planned), and we found ourselves in hell. Now, we weren't damned there, we were just exploring. I guess you could say we were visiting. The thing is, each damned soul had only one wing, and was assigned his/her own personal devil. The devil had the other wing, so that you couldn't fly around hell without the help of the devil you had been assigned to. You had to hold onto your own personal devil and the two of you would flap your wings and off you go. The devils looked like insect men; human bodies but the heads of flies. There wasn't any fire, but it was a gloomy place and people didn't like being consigned to getting around only with the help of a devil. All the while Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain was playing.

    Well, we grew tired of hell so my soul mate and I left and went to heaven. I remember that the pearly gates were like the lobby of a hotel, and the man working the desk, (St. Peter, I guess) was the actor Patrick Stewart. He was assisted by my high school friend, who I hadn't seen in years. Well, we went into heaven, and I'm afraid my mind plagiarized the end of the movie Brainstorm (great science fiction movie). We saw millions of angels heading towards a beautiful bright light (perhaps God? Perhaps enlightenment?). All the while, Bach's Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring was playing. The angels all looked very graceful, and they weren't really human looking...

    • They all looked like gossamer lights with wings. They moved very gracefully. I had a sense that they would be reborn, either in this universe or another. Then I woke up. I laughed aloud.

      I haven't had a nightmare in decades. The closest I've come is dreaming where I'll see my wife or my father all of the sudden. It's not scary, but it's shocking. I always wake up with a gasp.

      Here's a link so you can watch what heaven looked like in my dream. My mind wasn't clever enough to imagine a heaven on my own, so I took it from the movie Brainstorm. This is the end scene and it's exactly what I saw in my dream (except Bach was playing). By the way, Brainstorm is a FANTASTIC movie!


  • I think it's been quite a long time since I've had a dream. My last nightmare was about being ambushed by two rather attractive women and then getting them pregnant after (me) being drugged by them.

  • That you and me had babies... yes you. And I loved you all our lives.

    • What gender were the babies though? Now that's the big question

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    • Yeah. I hope the boy is older though

    • As you wish my wife... I will give you two babies for you as you want...

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