What should I ask my crush?

so it's my crushes birthday and I went on fb just to double check. Upon going to his page i saw that we are no longer friends. Now, this may have been a fb glitch since fb un-friended one of my other friends just last month (I'd also assume he didn't unfriend me since he just added me on linkedin two days ago).

so my question is

1) do i wish him a happy birthday first

2) would it be creepy/wierd to mention the fb thing? like how would i explain how i noticed it?


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  • Just add him back. If he doesn't add you back, then he deleted you, if he does, then that should be the end of it. No need to awkwardly bring it up.
    Yes, go ahead and wish him a happy birthday. I don't see why you wouldn't. I love when I spammed with happy birthday messages from all my friends and family during my birthday. I also like getting cards with a message from a person or being taken out to eat.


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