How to get fire smell out house?

okay so tonight my dad was cooking something and the food raned out of water and the whole house look like smoke cloud i couldnt see or really breath and the smoke detector Was going off and i would like to ask how to get rid of fire smell in house

im 15 so scared 😪


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  • Hahaha! Been there, done that...

    First, get some ventilation going... Open some windows and doors, allow for cross-ventilation (i. e. do it so that air can flow through the house/ room from one side to the other). Get some fans going too, if available.

    You'll probably have to cover the smell up even after the house has aired out for a bit... Throw something with a nice smell on to cook... Bacon? Cookies? Garlic bread? Or light incense or candles...

    It's no big deal, it happens to the best of us sooner or later. The fire department didn't come, did they? (If they did, you'll be able to tease your dad about it for YEARS!)

    • thank you. So much im hiding in my bed room closet. The smell is through the whole house

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    • hahaha! glad to help!

    • aww Thanks☺ happy black Friday

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  • Here's something for you to look at:

    It gives descriptive tips for you.

    Make sure you keep windows open and use candles or deodorizers (air fresheners) until the smell goes away.

    Don't be scared, everything's okay!

    • Oh my god thank you life saver 💒

    • No problem, hope it helped you!

    • Hey thank for ad i read it
      its really good
      Thanks☺ friend for your support☺

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  • My aunt say honey, lemon, cinnamon and put it all in a bowling water... than leave it there... it should make it go away...

    • Thanks i need it 😌